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Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch by Fitness Factor | Ergonomic, Durable, and Easy to Adjust | Premium Jump Rope for Men, Women, and Children of All Heights and Skill Levels

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  • An adjustable jump rope designed for working out should have a sturdy or heavy plastic or rubber rope, and soft rubber or wooden handles that are easy to grip. You do not want the jump rope to go flying out of your hands while you are exercising. It should be heavy enough to easily swing over the top of the head, and all the way back around to the feet.

    To determine the perfect length of jump rope for you, hold one end of the jump rope in each hand, and step on the bottom part of the jump rope on the floor. Pull the jump rope up until it is just under the armpits; it should not be above the shoulders or up near the collarbone. Adjust the length on the adjustable jump rope until it reaches this point on the body; this is the best length for a beginner to start a jump rope workout.

  • When purchasing an adjustable jump rope, it is best to go to a sporting goods store, or to order one online that is specially designed for working out. Even though plastic jump ropes can be found in many stores, they are generally not a great idea for working out because they are not long enough for most adults, and because they are often too light to swing over the head. A sporting goods store is a good bet because you can often try out the adjustable jump rope before you buy.

    Working out with a can be a great way to get in shape, and it can be done virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors. When selecting a jump rope to work out with, it is important to get one that is the proper size. For that reason, many people choose to purchase an adjustable jump rope to be sure that it is always the correct length.

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  • Packaging Details: Each Adjustable Jump Rope packed in polybag then 100 or 150pcs in a export carton.
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    Now, you won’t be confused if a jump rope is suitable for your kids. Get this Aoneky Adjustable Kids Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles $7.99 or 27% off on Amazon, as an Add-On Item. Adjust as they grow taller for years of jump rope fun.

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To create the adjustable jump rope apparatus 10 described above, the jump rope 12 of the adjustable jump rope apparatus can be made of any low friction, aerodynamic, densely weighted, or faster spinning jump rope (known as a speed rope) material such as metal (steel), cotton, polyester or leather, however a preferred embodiment utilizes nylon because it is durable and inexpensive, and can easily support the attachment of protective beads 12 that increase the weight of the jump rope while providing an anti-tangling and anti-friction effect and protecting the jump rope. Further, it is also possible to attach a jump rope having heavier or lighter protective beads 12 , or to add or subtract various weighted protective beads 12 in order to increase or decrease the work required to swing the jump rope. The jump rope end or tail is inserted through an opening in a ball-shaped bearing member 20, and then fed around a groove cut in a top portion of the surface of the ball-shaped bearing member 20, and then back out parallel to the entering rope. The jump rope end can be pulled out of the same opening in the ball-shaped bearing member 20, or, in an alternate embodiment, pulled out through a separate opening located near the initial opening. The jump rope end normally bears a metal ferrule or sleeve, not unlike the aglets or tips on shoelaces that facilitate passing the laces through the eyelets. The metal ferrule or sleeve prevents the end of the jump rope from unraveling or fraying and makes it easier to thread the rope end through the ball-shaped bearing member 20 and helps retain the tail in a clamping device as explained below. It is also possible to incorporate plastic or other rigid materials, or use a coating to protect the end of the jump rope.