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The Buddy Lee Aero Speed jump rope. This week I’m gonna take the take the tape off and really make it happen.

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Hyperformance Aero Speed Jump Rope (Red)

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  • With the combination of the nylon rope and bearing system on the BL Aero Speed Jump Rope I’ve been not only having more fun; but getting faster and more proficient at different techniques. I’d like to show you a few of the finer points of this rope and why I believe its worth the money. If you want to be better at jumping rope you owe it to your self to try this rope. The Aero Speed is the most expensive in the Buddy Lee line of jump ropes retailing on their site for $39.95. The cheapest one retails for 12 bucks. The main reason I love this rope is the design. The bearing system allows for the rope to turn efficiently and fast without getting snagged or twisted.

    The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope doesn’t come cheap but it does look sleek and stylish. This jump rope is more suited to the serious athlete or fitness enthusiast. Due to the design of this rope I wouldn’t recommend it if you were just starting out or if jump rope wasn’t an important par of your training regime.

  • Buddy Lee Aero Speed jump rope-- Former Olympic wrestler Buddy Lee made the Aero Speed length-adjustable and added swivel bearings for smooth spins.

    joen - i'm a very avid jumper. i've been using the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope for over seven years and jump on average 5 days a week for around 45-60 minutes per day. i go though the buddy lee replacement cord in about 2 years (wear and tear on the rope due to friction on the hardwood floor and/or rubber flooring i jump on) their latest rope does appear better than the one they were using up to 2014, but i'm still seeing the new rope degrade/flatten. i'm wondering if your rope is right for me... would you consider your rope a 'speed' rope? or is it meant more for the entry level jump roper market?

    Fits the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope (Does not fit the RM, CS, MS or Super Sonic Ropes)


    That lead me to purchase the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope. I found this rope to be a great combination of feel and speed. It utilizes a similar bearing as the wire crossfit ropes; but has a little more of a weighted feel like that of the old school nylon ropes.

Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope - Jump Rope Workout

The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope - Green. The Buddy Lee Hyperformance Aero Speed GREEN is aesthetically the Rolls Royce of Jump Ropes and represents the latest in innovation of all jump ropes. It was voted ''the smoothest, fastest, and best-balanced rope'' by Men's Health and was also featured in Men's Fitness and Men's Muscle. No matter what fitness level you are at, it will make you feel like a pro and make you want to jump It is a Hyperformance Rope'' designed for the serious adult or youth athlete/ fitness buff. It is made for ultra speed (5-6 turns per second) and power jump rope training. The Aero Speed has 6-Inch handles made of T-Grade Aluminum for superior quality, durability and look. It is designed with Buddy Lee's swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. This advanced swivel bearing system provides you with high intensity jump rope training and makes jumping easy, effortless and fun. The Aero Speed innovative adjustment system also allows you to customize the rope for your height in seconds. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of Hyperformance jumping. The rope cord and swivel bearings are replaceable. Adjustable for people 6-Feet 5-Inch and under. Please see complete sizing, adjustment and rope care instructions inside the rope card.