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When the Indy Air Bears jump rope team practices, it looks nothing like the playground activity.

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  • He says about 50 elite kids compete in New Mexico with his team, Albuquerque Air Jump Rope or the Red Hot Peppers Jump Rope Club at Manzano Day School.

    ​Jumping rope is a great way to get in shape. Not only is the sport unique and fun, but it gives people an opportunity to express themselves and meet new people. We integrate morals about character and integrity to express the importance of following Christ. Jump rope teaches leadership, responsibility, respect, determination, and hard work. We believe Albuquerque Air Jump Rope Team can create opportunities to share Christ with the lost. A major component of the team is competition/training based, but the overall goal is to reach the lost.

  • Herald & Review/Kelly J. Huff As part of their finale at the Maroa-Forsyth Grade School, six members of the nationally ranked Indy Air Bears jump rope team exhibit their grace and timing by jumping three ropes at the same time.

    Air Jump Rope
    • Stand shoulder width apart
    • Bend your knees and jump up and down quickly
    • Twirl your wrists and shoulders in a circle as you jump

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    ALINCO alinco rope counters with rope air rope jumping rope skipping

  • At home can be easily metered air jump rope

    Any aerobic exercise can easily "jump rope"
    Air jump rope is the rope skipping can more easily, in the home exercise equipment.
    Instead of a rope with weights, jump rope to feel while at home can be easily.
    Includes mat, lay on the floor w/meter can make the time and number of calories burned, etc..
    Avoid vibration and less strain on the body, flexible won't damage the floor surface.
    If you install comes with long rope for ballast normal jump rope.
    Anytime, anywhere fun jump rope exercises correctly!

    Stephanie Andrews, assistant coach, said, “Albuquerque Air Jump Rope started out as a competitive team about seven years ago. My husband and I looked at each other and thought, ‘there’s something more we could do to really build kids into future leaders.'”

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