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Beaded Jump Rope - 8 feet Plastic Segmentation Solid Handle - Sports Double Dutch Aerobics - Survival and Cross

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  • The beaded jump rope has a nylon inner cord that is covered with plastic or polyurethane, 1.5-inch long segments. These beads are made from many different colors to increase the rope’s visibility in competitions and exhibitions. The beads increase the weight of the rope, adding to the workout, however, if you miss and accidentally hit yourself, the rope can be quite painful. The beaded ropes are resilient and good for harsh surfaces where other ropes might wear down rapidly. The beads prevent the rope from tangling, which is another good quality for beginner jumpers. The beaded ropes make a rhythmic jumping very easy, because the jumper can hear the sound of the beads hitting the ground, and strive for a rhythmic pattern. A disadvantage of the beaded rope is that it sometimes bounces off the ground and can cause a mistake. This should not be of a concern for a recreational or fitness jumper who does not aim for a competition.

    The best beaded will be the right size for the user to jump comfortably, will help the user get in shape or practice tricks for a competition, and will be made of a material light enough to jump with while still sturdy enough not to crack. Beaded jump ropes are one of the most durable jump ropes available and work well for exercising and performing in competitions. The specific type of jump rope a user may want all depends on what she wants to use it for. Beaded jump ropes come in kid and adult sizes and the beads come in different shapes and weights. Testing out a jump rope before making a purchase will ensure the buyer gets what she needs.

    9ft Make Your Own 2" LiteBead™ Rope
    $ 6.05 PER KIT
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    Make your own beaded jump rope with our new LiteBeads. Ideal for users 5' 4" to 5' 10" tall.

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    Leather Jump Rope
    PoweRope Jump Rope

    A collection of double dutch and single beaded jump ropes built with our super-strong, shatterproof plastic beads. These beaded skipping ropes are of the highest quality, with all beads made in the USA.

The Body Sport Beaded Jump Rope is the perfect way to ..

If the buyer cannot test the jump rope in the store, she can use a piece of rope at home and tie knots in the ends to represent the jump rope handles. She can then find the ideal length for the piece of rope when jumping and find a beaded jump rope close to this length. The length of the rope appears on the jump rope’s package and will tell whether it is meant for children or adults.