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  • The ZojiRope jump rope set is not just the best CrossFit jump rope but it’s also perfect for on-the-go cardio workouts. Simply throw your ZojiRope bag in your car or suitcase and you’ve got the means to burn more calories than running on that dreaded treadmill. Getting a nice cardio burn through jump roping is extremely rewarding, and when you pair it with you’ve got the recipe for an awesome at-home workout!

    Question: What is the best crossfit jump rope for double unders 2014? I would probably go with the RX smart gear rope or the Rogue Speal speed rope.

  • This rope uses a 10 foot long coated wire and is fitted with 5.25 inch long handles. The handles are made from plastic. So like the others in our best CrossFit jump rope reviews here, you may want to use wraps.

    RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 review. A lot of people out there say this is the best jump rope for CrossFit. I say it's a really good speed rope/jump rope, but it's hard to say it's definitively the best. It works great, rotates fast, and fairly easy to adjust. It also has knurling on the handles so they do not slip out mid-workout when you're all sweaty. The handles are also hallow which means they're super light and your forearms won't get too fatigued with them. Definitely check out the Speed Rope 2.0, it's a very good, possibly the best CrossFit jump rope you can buy. Great workout jump rope. The company also has some cool ideas for affiliates that want to better organize the ropes so you may consider that when looking into RPM.

  • Once you’ve tried this all-round you’ll see why we give it the number one rating on our review list. This one really does tick all the boxes at the best Crossfit jump rope.

These aren't the jump ropes you remember from the playground

The best Crossfit jump ropes are always light weight. The consist of a thin, light wire cable that usually has a nylon coating to protect the wire and prevent fraying. They will also have light weight handles that encourage you to strengthen your wrists, and allow freedom of movement