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    When trying to choose what type of exercise you should do, it is essential to stack up the benefits and weigh them against the possible draw backs. That way, you can be sure that you'll get the best results for your time, effort and sweat.

    For instance, swimming is really inaccessible unless you live near a pool plus it doesn't load your bones and is only really effective if you know how to swim properly.

    On the other hand, running and cycling might both risk you to traffic accidents and bad weather. They also require expensive devices and equipment, such as running shoes, bike and treadmill, if you wish to run at home.
    With these exercise disadvantages, we can list the qualifications to look for a new exercise regimen. It needs to be easy, effective and inexpensive just like a jump rope.

    Also known as skipping, jumping rope is extremely easy and extremely effective; in fact, it is so effective that professional fighters integrate this exercise into their workouts. You can also jump rope almost anywhere so when the weather condition is poor, missing your exercise will never ever be a problem.

    The best aspect of the jump rope is that it is inexpensive. Unlike other exercises, it just requires a long lasting and excellent quality jump rope. It is also safe unlike the dangers on the road with running or cycling.

    With those excellent qualities, jumping rope is the very best new exercise routine choice for everybody and there is no other jump rope in the market that will qualify your needs than one of Amazon's best selling jump ropes, the CSX Pro Speed 3000. Made with high quality materials and ideal for any level of jumping expertise, the CSX 3000 is the first jumping rope choice.

    So, what is jumping rope good for? Practically every aspect of your health and fitness along with your bank balance. It's not a question of why should you jump rope but more a question of why shouldn't you?!

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