BL Jump Rope Training Book 2nd Edition

Sizing Your Cable Jump Rope

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Hyperformance Rope Master Jump Rope (Yellow/Black, 9-Feet)

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  • TAG : The shorter jump ropes caused the jumpers to jump higher
  • Want a fit and toned body without spending hours on the boring treadmill or bike? Like to maximize your RPMs, increase your speed, and kill your double and triple unders? Tired of the crappy, cheap ropes and ready to step your game up so you can start seeing real results? You'll fall in love with how easy, fast, and durable this jump rope workout is. There isn't another one quite like it anywhere else.

    Buddy Lee is known as one of the world’s top experts in jump rope conditioning. He has earned a worldwide reputation with his incredible jump rope skills, putting on 6,000 shows in 50 countries and appearing in TV commercials and talk shows. He has also appeared on CNN Headline News and in and magazines.

under the skipper’s feet twice in the course of one jump, ..