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Jump Rope - by Boson Sport - Speed Rope for Exercise and Fitness - 9' Adjustable Cable Length - Ideal for Crossfit, Boxing, MMA

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  • TAG : Boson Sport Jump Rope Review and Cardio/Strength Training Workout.
  • Boson jump rope is a fusion of best specs from a speed and normal rope. Inner core is an iron rope that prevents tangling. Now you can just focus on your jumps!

    Boson jump rope is so comfortable to grip and with a large rope as this, you can really get it over a tall person with ease. The color is sleek and sporty, while it provides you with the strength and durability for long lasting use. I love how light it is to pick up and use, nothing weighing you down when engaging in this physical activity. Very nicely created and designed, gets me up and going through my work out with less tripping over the cord like rope and more speed!

  • However, you need a jump rope that fits you! That’s why the Boson jump rope is made easily adjustable, tailored to suit your size and comfort!

- In the past, Oma’s jump roping efforts were very frustrating