Boxing Jump Rope Training Guide

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  • Good stuff as usual. I don’t have any experience of how boxers train jump rope especially for fat loss. I’m fairly comfortable with Double Unders and do them several times a week setted with burpees ( doing the 100 burpee a day for 100 days at moment) as a way of breaking up the burpees. Just wondering what sort of numbers or workout you’d suggest if you were looking at using DUs in a fat loss programme so that they’re actually an effective exercise?? I enjoy doing them anyway but I’d be interested to find out more.

    The level of awareness you use for clearing the rope could also be used as offensive or defensive awareness in the ring. A boxer that jumps rope will be far more alert at his resting rhythm and move with a more natural quickness than one that doesn’t. The jump rope is a great exercise for developing your overall athleticism and cannot be substituted with anything else.

  • I own this rope myself and for what you get, it’s the best value in a jumping rope for what you get. Personally I do prefer the slightly slower, non 90 degree connector found in something like the TKO or AM PRO ropes, or better yet, the expensive Buddy Lee , but the AM PRO are not found in the US, and the Buddy Lee is 5 times the cost, so for lack of better alternatives, I give this Boxers Jump rope the nod here for value and performance.

    Trust me — as someone who’s trying to master the jump rope (and trying very hard to learn all the various tricks to make my boxing jump rope work much more interesting and dynamic) — I can tell you from experience that your choice of jump rope make a HUGE difference to your jump performance and your overall rope training.

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  • General Tip: You have too choices here — you can follow the traditional Muay Thai routine and use a heavy beast of a plastic jumping rope or you can go with a more modern approach and work on speed stamina and coordination by jumping at a faster pace while working on more foot movement and go with the Buddy Lee or Boxers Jump Rope, both of which will work just fine (even better I would say).

boxing jump rope training guide

I don’t care how good you think a sprinting or weight training program can be. If I was to compare a boxer who jumped rope for 10 minutes everyday versus a boxer who lifted weights for 30 minutes everyday, the one that jumped rope would easily out-move him every single time. He’ll have more bounce, more control, and just better foot agility.