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The Champion Sports CR Series Jump Rope is a nylon braided rope with knotted handles. This set of six vibrantly colored jump ropes

7 Foot Plastic Segmented Rainbow Colored Jump Rope

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  • As I looked into her dark eyes, I saw they were filled with fear and doubt. She looked to be age 8 or 9. This was her first day at the center, and it was my first day there too. We had come to play with the children. We handed out brightly colored jump ropes to each girl. Oh the squeals of joy and excitement for each girl to be able to play with her own jump rope. Of course they tried to out jump each other with their consecutive number of jumps. It didn't take long before their ropes were tied together to make a rope long enough to jump in pairs. The smiles and giggles of these girls, ages 3-13, represented a universal language that transcends generations, languages, and cultures.

    Throughout the San Gabriel Valley, it was a sea of brightly-colored jump ropes whipping across the blacktops as hundreds of students attempted to jump rope their way to a world record.

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Personalized Solid Colored Jump Rope - Custom Jump Ropes