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Aluminum Fitness Jumprope with Ball Bearing Handles , Adjustable 11 Foot Cable , Carrying Bag , Bonus 4K Ebook and Replacement Parts - Red

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  • Once you’ve tried this all-round you’ll see why we give it the number one rating on our review list. This one really does tick all the boxes at the best Crossfit jump rope.

    Inspired Fitness Gear appears to no longer sell their Crossfit Jump Rope on Amazon, so we’ve updated the links to point to the . Why have we done this? Because WOD Nation’s rope is virtually identical to the old Inspired rope, but they also include a spare cable, extra adjustment screws incase you lose some, and a handy carry bag to stop your jump rope from tangling in your gym bag. And all this at a price that is less than Inspired Fitness Gear charged for their rope.

  • The best Crossfit jump ropes are always light weight. The consist of a thin, light wire cable that usually has a nylon coating to protect the wire and prevent fraying. They will also have light weight handles that encourage you to strengthen your wrists, and allow freedom of movement

    There a three main characteristics that we look for in a Crossfit jump rope, based on our experience over the last few years. These crucial things we look for are:

  • Summary: The "heavy-duty" CrossFit jump rope. Incredibly smooth turning with the largest handles of any jump rope we reviewed and heavy cable options for jumpers who want more resistance. This is another commonly seen rope in CrossFit gyms, with seemingly endless options for customization, but it is not a great option for competition because of its size.

Crossfit Jump Rope & Wrist Wraps Review

Having tried out lots of different Crossfit jump ropes at the local Crossfit box, as well as having bought a few different ones of our own, we thought we’d get them all together and put some reviews out on the internet.