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  • Do you find that you trip easily when you jump rope? There is a special ‘jump rope’ designed without the rope. The Airope is a virtual digital jump rope. You can use it by itself for a cardiovascular workout or use it in conjunction with other exercises to create a comprehensive workout routine.

    Where can you get a digital jump rope? Try looking at a local department store to begin with. If there is a sporting goods store nearby, you may also want to try looking there. If you cannot find one locally, your next best bet is to look online. A number of retailers offer this type of jump rope and they can ship it to you.

  • What is the purpose of a digital jump rope and why is it better than a regular one? A digital jump rope will count the number of jumps you have made. It will also keep track of the number of calories you burn during each jump rope training session. Some will also keep track of the length of the workout.

    There is an interactive, digital jump rope to use with your iPhone – it is called the iRope. The Bluetooth transmitter can transmit data to your iPhone, an iPad or any other smartphone that is within 30 feet and is using the iRope app. This jump rope will measure your heartbeat, track elapsed time, revolutions and more. All of the details are displayed on an LED screen on the handles. What makes this digital jump rope different from the rest is that you and your friends can use iRope at the same time if you all have Bluetooth connections. Have a competition to see who can reach a specific number of jumps first.

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  • Did you enjoy jumping rope as a kid? Do you want to try it again as an adult but find yourself worried that you'll either trip yourself or scuff up the ceiling in your living space? Do you want to get kids interested in the health benefits of jumping rope but wonder if they'll just look at a plain jump rope and say, "Wow, that's kinda retro"?

    Then the Cordless Digital Jump Rope from Quality Logo Products is for you! This item includes two wireless controllers that look like jump rope handles. Attached to each handle is a weighted ball that simulates the movement of a jump rope, allowing the digital display to keep track of "jumps." The easily portable nature of this item makes ideal for promoting

    • Fitness centers and gyms
    • Physical therapy provides
    • Community health organizations

    Not everyone has space to use a jump rope (or coordination--like me), but with the Cordless Digital Jump Rope, anyone who receives one can enjoy the health benefits of jumping. To order this item for a great low price, skip over to your phone (or just pick it up, that's good, too), and call QLP today!

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    There are a number of digital jump ropes on the market. They were all created to help users reach their fitness goals. The cost to purchase a digital jump rope ranges from $20 and up.

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This next gadget falls into the same category, it’s a digital jump rope. No, it’s not one of those silly kid ones that makes a noise every time you start jumping, and it’s not pink. What it does do is track some of your workout data when you use it.