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Rope jumping is an excellent way to build incredible endurance and coordination

Jump Rope MASTERY DVD Jumping & Skipping Routines & Techniques To Improve Fitness & Cardio & Lose Weight

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  • The Fun and Fitness Comprehensive DVD and Jump Rope provide activity based recreation. Children"s exercise should be fun, exciting, safe, and motivating. This comprehensive program with world renowned Rene` Bibaud provides all of this and more. Rene` teaches children they can learn a healthy active lifestyle. This program goes beyond the basics into competition level training ideas, techniques, and advice. Features: -Comprehensive DVD and jump rope. -Fun and Fitness collection. -Comprehensive instructional DVD with five time world champion rene" bibaud as the instructor, motivator, guide, and coach. -Lessons include beginner level, intermediate, advanced, freestyle, and double dutch. -Adjustable 8 foot jump rope. -Great fitness and motivational program for any age. -Can be used for children and adult learning. Specifications: -Material: Plastic. -Dimensions: 9" H x 8" W x 1" D.

    “Thanks so much for putting together that DVD on jump rope training, it was outstanding. As someone who relies so much on the rope, you have no idea how much that helps me. I’m one of those individuals who thought that after mastering double unders that was the end of the road, now I have so many more variations to practice. Again, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom because it will help me tremendously throughout the years ahead.”

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