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POOF Hot Ropes Jr. 7-Foot Jump Rope

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  • When I was growing up, one thing that would traditionally be in the Easter basket was a brand new Easter jump rope. My sisters and I would always look forward to seeing what awesome new jump rope we would share and sport through the spring and summer. We must have had dozens of jump ropes, and we would remove the handles to combine them and do double Dutch and just have a ton of fun singing and jumping rope outside. This year, the girls will be getting some awesome Easter jump ropes to share and my heart will sing to see them playing with them together.

    If you stick to the simplest version – no collar, no sleeves – Fairy Tale is much easier than jump rope. The instructions are really really well written, so if you feel comfortable making Jump Rope, you really will be fine to make the Fairy Tale dress too. I don’t really envision Jump Rope as an Easter dress. To me, a shirt dress is more like a school day dress. But people do Easter in lots of different ways, so it’s really about what you want. After a long winter of snow boots and parkas, I like to finally wear some seriously pretty stuff. 🙂

  • After five to 10 coats, the logo is printed: an image of the Easter Bunny jumping rope. The design changes every year to tie in with first lady Michelle Obama's exercise initiative.

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