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Pharmedoc Cardio Jump Rope w/ Extra Cable and Carry Case -Premium Quality Adjustable Boxing & Skipping Speed Trainer for All Exercises - Professional Grade Fitness Equipment - Lose Weight fast

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  • Enter to ! We've got Harbinger beaded jump ropes (50), SPRI speed jump ropes (75), Everlast leather jump ropes (20), all guaranteed to give you a !More from SELF:

    Now that I run only on weekends, my jump rope has been a more constant companion, and my relationship to it has changed. It is now my primary form of exercise (along with isometric exercises) and I am happy to recommend it, especially to those who find it difficult to devote adequate time and effort to staying fit on a daily basis. I use two different kinds: a generic brand weighted-handle plastic cord jump rope, and an Everlast leather jump rope. I’ve found that they have different benefits.

  • The Everlast leather jump rope is a bit different, and I recommend it for a few reasons. In my experience, no jump rope will last longer than a few months of frequent use, especially if you’re jumping on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete. I recommend this rope because, frankly, it’s inexpensive. At 15-20 bucks, it won’t break your heart when the leather snaps (and honestly it feels pretty heroic when you wear through a rope). Additionally, my experience with the leather rope is that it provides a somewhat more comprehensive exercise, requiring more upper body strength and coordination to keep it moving at the correct speed and with the correct tension. Also, significantly for me, the leather rope can be taken through airport security in a carry-on bag. It is compact (it can be tucked inside your shoes if need be) and very portable and makes exercising while traveling easy. Finally, jumping rope is really fun. It is challenging at first, but improvement is rapid, and there is no upper limit to its difficulty: you just keep jumping more. In the past, the problem for me has been that exercise outside of the forest can be boring and, especially after a hard day, I become psychologically opposed to it. Nowadays, I find myself eagerly looking forward to coming home and clearing my head with several hundred jumps before eating dinner and preparing my lessons for the next day. Because they’re inexpensive, I keep one in my day bag or car and one at home so I can jump wherever I happen to end up (and have a spare just in case I destroy one). Every sport supply shop I’ve gone into has carried the Everlast leather jump rope, but like everything else procurable by money, it can also be had on Amazon.

    Med balls are great for power and core training; jump ropes are great for warming up— and much more. Everlast Jump Rope, $13; Everlast 9-Pound Medicine Ball, $45,

    The skipper is the everlasting ankle jump rope. There have been many, but over the years ours have stood the durability test and have been the ankle jump rope of choice. Not only fun, they are a great work out. They come in 6 bright colors with a ball that jingles, at a very attractive price. There is little waste to our environment when you purchase this non-packaged item.

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    Have lariat fun like the a real cowpoke! Our high-quality lariats are perfect for children and big kids who want to become lasso pros. 13 colors provide the perfect choice for cowboys and cowgirls. Each lariat is made from 20 feet of 5/16” polypropylene blend rope.

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    7. Everlast jump rope, $14.99: "I can gain 15 pounds in six weeks of taping Top Chef. I train like a boxer afterward — jumping rope really whips you into shape."

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