The fire jump rope; for those keen to get skipping

Fire Jump Rope - Renegade Juggling

Kings Firecrackers Jump Rope Team - I never tried jumping like this!!!!!
Juju Dance Beat Challenge
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We just made our new fire prop!! The fire jumprope!!! this is the first ever burn on it as well!!!
Color Ball Swap Splash
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Fire Jump Rope
Tap Rolling
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Fire Jump Rope

Extreme Bottle Flipping

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  • We’ve all have had fun playing with jump ropes as children. As adults, we’ve upped the ante with custom-built flaming kevlar jump ropes! There are many ways a fire jump rope can be wielded, creating different mesmerizing patterns and fascinating shapes. As these slithering fire serpents produce some of our largest fire, we typically recommend them for outdoor performance. Although depending on the situation, fire jump ropes are possible in indoor venues.

    This is my son running fire jump rope at Burning Man, right before the temple burn, in front of A Cavallo's art car. The one in the kilt not the jumper with the butt hanging out.

  • More family oriented in the early night from 8:30-10:00 for the fire show, I would see children with their parents at this time often. But then they get the fire jump rope out, and by the time they get the fire limbo bar, it gets real crazy. The bucket drink deals are just right, and it is SO easy to...

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