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Benran Jump Rope Adjustable Speed Rope for Cardio Training (Black)

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  • It can be done just about anywhere without anything more than a good jump rope and cross training shoes. If you’re looking to rev up your exercise program, consider adding a couple of days or jumping rope to your regime.

    Like the sneakers, I thought any old jump rope would do for CrossFit workouts. I honestly thought they were all the same. Mal went out and bought a jump rope right away, but I waited a good year before I finally bought one. (Remember my ?) I’m actually sort of pissed at myself because I waited so long to buy a good jump rope””it made Double Unders so much easier for me! FYI: I have the and love it.

  • What's not to love about the jump rope? It's portable, it's cheap, and it burns tons of calories (on average, over !). But while a good jump rope will set you back just the price of a cup of coffee or two, there are a few things you should think about before you jump. Here's how to find the right rope for you.

    @Ck – I wish there was, other than to make sure you have a good jump rope. Jump ropes like some leather jump ropes I’ve found can be difficult to snap quickly if the band is too light. I would suggest using a valeo, or buddy lee aero jump rope. If that’s not the problem, only suggestion I can make is to practice and time yourself to try to do more and more reps for a given time period.

  • I made the right decision of quitting the gym. I just joined a boxing / kickboxing club for two weeks now, it is a hard cardio but fun. I have a small home gym equipment and upon reading articles from your website It encourages me to do more cardio than lifting weights. I suck at running but pretty good at jumping rope so i will stick to it. Still have a long way to have a better overall physical and mental endurance but I am positive that I will lose more weight before fall season.

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The key piece of equipment is a good jump rope. For performance and quality, you can't beat a plastic beaded or segmented rope. This style of rope weighs about a half-pound, which is just enough weight to give it momentum as it swings around so you don't waste energy keeping the rope in motion.