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  • I learned how to jump rope by just forcing myself to do nothing but jump rope for a week straight. I locked myself in the gym and jumped rope for 2 hours straight. I tired quickly in the first few minutes but after that, I calmed my breathing down and stopped panicking. All it took was for me to finally admit to myself that I “sucked”.

    I am not sure if this question has been asked before but for how long should a boxer jump rope? My trainer used to let us jump rope for 30 minutes straight as our warm up before every session we did. No breaks in between. At first I thought that he was crazy and that he was joking, but he has very unconventional training methods, we used to box for 5 minutes a round instead of 3. Boxers that I know from other gyms all jump rope for 3 minutes and a 30 second break. But I found that the longer I jump rope with no breaks in between my footwork and endurance improved dramatically as well as my jump rope skills.

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