A3- Invisible Jump Rope: 30 seconds

I am the klutzy sort who could trip over even an invisible jump rope, but this looks fun!

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  • #ShareIG Get FIT, Eat Healthy Quick Workout: 5X20 Jump Rope (if you do not own a Jump Rope you can do Invisible Jump Rope) 2X30 Reverse Crunch, 3X30 Squats, 2X15 Bench Dip, Run in Place 3X 30 Secs, 2X20 Mountain Climbers. Remember to take a 30 Sec Rest Period and Drink Water in between Sets. Repeat 2Xs For Max Results. If I Can do it, You Can Do it. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT AN EXERCISE IS LISTED PLEASE GOOGLE IT. Put in The Work, Get the Results!! #TeamFitness

    The 10min Workout Calorie Burner. Invisible Jumprope, Lunges, Squats, Jumping Jacks. The Challenege is to do as many as you can in 10mins #FitnessTip Get a Quick Crunch Workout in During your Favorite Tv Shows commercials.

  • Todays Workout Tips Always Stretch before Workouts 2X 40 Incline Reverse Crunch (lower body) 2X 20T- Pushup (chest back) 1X 60 Invisible Jump rope 10 Back Pedals 1X 30 Shuffle Punch

    Summer is HERE!!! Most of you still arent Ready to show that Swim Suit Body I can help you with that Those of you with Gym Memberships 25mins of Cardio Activity Elliptical, Treadmill or Bike Riding No Membership? Shadow boxing, Invisible JumpRope, Jumping Jacks 2X 45 Dead Lifts 2X 45 Reverse Curls Crunch 2X 45 Chair Dips 2X 45 Bicep Curls

  • Jumping rope works to elevate your heart rate, build coordination between your upper and lower body, and increase the strength and stability of your feet and ankles. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do the “invisible jump rope” exercise, practicing the same movement without a rope.

Bikini Girl Jumps With Invisible Jump Rope [VIDEO]

Indeed, depriving children from activity at recess is particularly self-defeating when the broader academic benefits of exercise are considered. Some of this evidence comes from the national that is dedicated to disseminating structured 10-minute activities to the elementary school classroom. This innovative program directly combined exercise and learning in strategies such as the Invisible Jump Rope—having children recall basic counting, addition, and subtraction facts in the classroom while jumping. As reviewed in a special 2011 supplement in the journal, Preventive Medicine, there is reliable evidence that the TAKE 10! program of exercise-learning periods in the classroom can promote better reading, math, spelling, and composite scores among grade school students, as well as reduced time off-task in the classroom. This is exactly the result teachers want, and it was achieved with more physical activity not less!