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  • I’m a Tae Kwon Do instructor with 20+ years of teaching experience and another 26+ years of competition and training.
    I completely agree with this article, top to bottom.
    Nothing delivers cardio conditioning like jumping rope–I still do it between 45 minutes to an hour, twice a day.
    Footwork is just as essential in TKD as in boxing; fighters need to constantly be in motion; sideways, back and forth shuffles, rapid-fire hop-switches; all predicated on the light bouncing motion described in this article.
    We also execute many front-leg techniques that require the ability to spring off the back leg, which demands calf-development and balance; and change the direction–even the kick itself–in mid-flight after its been launched. This requires balance and coordination. Nothing delivers these benefits like jumping rope.
    All my students must be able to jump rope for 10 minutes before being eligible to promote for black belt.
    Excellent article, and thank you.

    I don’t care how good you think a sprinting or weight training program can be. If I was to compare a boxer who jumped rope for 10 minutes everyday versus a boxer who lifted weights for 30 minutes everyday, the one that jumped rope would easily out-move him every single time. He’ll have more bounce, more control, and just better foot agility.

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    Thanks for sharing, Larry. I have a lot of respect for TKD competitors as the sport requires so much raw athleticism to be jumping around and kicking constantly. Being able to jump rope for 10 minutes is definitely a good requirement. It’s amazing and so many martial artists aren’t aware of and can’t jump rope!

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  • Old-time boxers knew what they were doing. According to the Compendium of Physical Studies, jumping rope for 10 minutes can burn as many calories as jogging at an eight-minute-per-mile pace. No wonder many fitness experts call the jump rope the best all-around piece of exercise equipment you can own. Here are five reasons to learn the ropes:

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Pay attention to her tip at the very end. She suggests you practice your form until you can do 100 reps uninterrupted. Sound easy? Well guess what, it ain’t. Sure, physically, I could jump the rope 100 times. But without proper technique, it’s darned hard to do it uninterrupted! I spent an hour last night trying to just that. Got to 80 a couple of times and then my arms slipped back and I lost it. I might need a couple of days to perfect this.