The Best Jump Rope For Double Unders

Best Custom Jump Ropes For Double Unders Way to go

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  • The JumpNrope Double Under Seminar is unique because we are the only company that offers the athletes and affiliate owners with jump rope instruction that was created by competitive jump rope athletes and coaches. There is a reason JumpNrope has a 10,000 sqft facility dedicated to jump rope training – it is what we do, and we do it well.

    Find here our best jump ropes for double unders. These speed ropes are designed with amazingly quick handles and cables for double under speed and effeciency.

  • JumpNrope coaches will work with a hands-on approach to physically show (to give you a visual experience for your mind) and help you get into proper and effective jumping form. The JumpNrope Double Under Set-Up™ is a one-of-a-kind instruction used by coaches all over the world to teach the double under skill in their foundations/on ramp programs.

    Based on the key criteria that we look for in a rope as well as our personal experience and feedback from other Crossfit junkies, the following are our five favorite speed jump ropes for double unders:

  • Hosting a JumpNrope Double Under Seminar is easy and fun! The seminars cost nothing to host and provide an amazing opportunity for the members of your gym to experience.

How to size a jump Rope for Double Unders

The Double Under Jumprope from Double Under Jumprope is a very solid and well-built little rope. It has hollow handles made of high quality plastic. Each handle is attached to a swivel at the top, through which the wire is threaded. There’s a little screw thing on each side so you can adjust the length of the rope evenly. The one I got came with enough length for Goliath to use, so I had to chop it down a bit with some wire cutters. There are little soft caps that you can put over each end of the wire so it doesn’t poke you.