"What's the best jump rope for CrossFit?" It's a ..

What is the Best Jump Rope for Crossfit [Reviews 2016]

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  • Jump ropes created for ultimate CrossFit workouts. Specifically designed for speed, durability and balance, these ropes are favored in CrossFit gyms across the country.

    So how do you find the right rope for you? Well, we’ve searched the jump rope market to bring you the best jump ropes for CrossFit, and help you find the perfect rope for you!

  • You might think that a jump rope is pretty simple piece of equipment. There’s actually a lot to choosing the right rope, one that will be fast, comfortable, and safe for you. Almost all jump ropes for CrossFit are coated wire, so there isn’t much difference in the rope itself. Handles, bearings, and how the rope connects to the handles all have options and affect how well a rope will work for you.

    You might think a jump rope would be a simple design, but there’s a lot more to it than you'd think. Jump ropes for CrossFit have a lot of design features that make some ropes faster or more stable than others, some better for different types of workouts and others more ‘all around’ ropes. There are even variations for your personal preference for grips or adjustability.

  • "What's the best jump rope for CrossFit and double unders?" It's an important question, and one we get all the time. This video reviews 5 of the top ropes on the market for CrossFit.

What is the Best Jump Rope for CrossFit?

Best Jump Rope for CrossFit: Whether you’re using it for your WOD (workout of the day) or just for warm ups and improving your overall footwork and coordination, this speed jump rope from WOD Nation lets you do more repetitions and complete the elusive double unders.