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Wacces Deluxe Adjustable Double Unders Speed Jump Rope (Blue)

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  • There are four steps to this challenge - Step 1 - Learn the routine via video. Step 2 - Practice, Practice, Practice! Step 3 - Record the results of your hard work and practice. Step 4 - Submit video to Jump Rope Jill via Facebook or Twitter!

    Remember - Each school who has participated in the performance is allowed one entry. There is no minimum or maximum number of participants required. Your entry will be submitted in for the month it is received. Performances will be judged based on effort and not necessarily skill or talent.

    The $250.00 reward will be issued in equipment per Jump Rope Jill's preference and expertise, however, the winning school will be contacted for input as to what the basic needs would be.

    On October 17th, professional jump roper, Jump Rope Jill, came out to perform for our school in a 6th grade assembly. It was a fun day. She finished her presentation with this routine.

GICS - Jump Rope Jill Assembly (Oct. 22, 2015)