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Jump rope packing machine CT-250X

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  • In accordance with the invention, a jump rope machine as described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,961,425 is provided with a safety release means where the ropes are connected and which will become detached from the machine when a user steps on a rope or interrupts the rotation of a rope.

    It is another object of the invention to add more functions to an existing jump rope machine for uses in a variety of settings such as in fitness centers, competitive teams, and for children.

  • In short, the basic jump rope machine is provided with improvements in the drive system, the manner for attaching and rotating the ropes, the controls system, safety features and supports.

    It is another object of the invention to develop a more robust means for controlling the operation of a jump rope machine by the use of embedded controls.

  • It is another object of the invention to employ a simple yet effective means for powering a double dutch jump rope machine and for disengaging the ropes when a user steps on or interrupts the ropes.

You will need basic woodworking sklls