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Speed Balls Jump Rope Symmetry and Strength Trainer by JumpNrope (SB-Std)

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  • Get fit with the system developed by Olympian Buddy Lee! Learn how to gain the same cardiovascular benefits as 30 minutes of jogging, 18 holes of golf, and 720 yards of swimming in only ten minutes of jumping! This session is for beginners with little to no jumping ability who want to get off to a safe start by learning the correct biomechanics, jump rope do's and don'ts, measurements, and how to become proficient in the two basic techniques that make up the foundation of all jump rope training programs. Concluded with a Buddy Lee Jump Rope Challenge!

    This package includes a 113 minute video about jump rope training and a 44 page electronic book. The video is available as a DVD or digital download.

  • This jump rope training video will teach you several turning styles, ranging from beginner to advanced. There are no prerequisites in terms of ability. I start by teaching the first turn of the rope and progress towards several more difficult turning styles. I also discuss equipment considerations, common mistakes made with the rope, and more.

    Unfortunately, despite the obvious benefits, most athletes outside of the boxing gym are unfamiliar with jump rope training. Many strength and conditioning coaches have replaced the jump rope with more elaborate and expensive training tools. I have seen entire seminars dedicated to footwork and agility. Coaches charge hundreds of dollars to teach many techniques which could instead be developed with a $5 rope.

    Jump Rope Conditioning Trainer - Jrop-001 - Fitness Performance Training Speed

  • The jump rope is a tried and true method for improving conditioning and coordination. If you have never jumped rope before, you can expect a challenge. The rope can be very frustrating to a beginner. You will not become proficient with the rope overnight. It takes time and practice. It has been said before that . These words definitely apply to jump rope training.

The Benefits Of Jump Rope Training

Both the video and e-book are filled with content. There is no irrelevant filler. From beginning to end, you will learn how to make the most of your jump rope training.