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  • Unfortunately, despite the obvious benefits, most athletes outside of the boxing gym are unfamiliar with jump rope training. Many strength and conditioning coaches have replaced the jump rope with more elaborate and expensive training tools. I have seen entire seminars dedicated to footwork and agility. Coaches charge hundreds of dollars to teach many techniques which could instead be developed with a $5 rope.

    The jump rope is a tried and true method for improving conditioning and coordination. If you have never jumped rope before, you can expect a challenge. The rope can be very frustrating to a beginner. You will not become proficient with the rope overnight. It takes time and practice. It has been said before that . These words definitely apply to jump rope training.

  • Tired of the same old treadmill run? We can't say we blame you. Our jump rope training system offers versatility that very few traditional training options can match.

    Jump rope training can also be performed as a finisher. Simply close the workout with a 5 or 10-minute round. Work to maintain a fast pace throughout the extended interval. The use of an intense finishing movement will ensure the workout was of adequate intensity. In addition to building endurance, the finisher will enhance mental toughness. You will be forced to “finish” with one last display of endurance and agility. Many finishers such as a heavy sandbag carry do not require agility and coordination. The jump rope is different. It is not enough to display endurance. You must also remain cognizant of tripping over the rope. A finisher has obvious benefits. Consider an athlete who must fight hard during one final round. It is not enough to plunge forward without skill. The athlete must display skill despite the unbearable fatigue. The jump rope is just one of many ways to train this ability.

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