a) Do one jump rope rep then stop

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  • I like to jump rope because there are MANY things I can do with it, with the Double Unders being my favorite. But every time I jump rope, my shoulders seem to hurt, even though I am only using my wrists to turn the rope. I don’t know what is wrong. Do you think you can help? It always stops me around 100, and it’s making me want to quit jumping rope, even if I like it a lot.

    Jumping rope effectively gives you a measure of endurance that is difficult to equal. I swam competively in college and nothing was more daunting than our jump rope exercises.

  • @Anthony – When you say your shoulders “hurt” I’m taking it to mean that you are experiencing muscle burn in your shoulders, which is preventing you from continuing to jump rope. When I get in great jumping rope shape, the part of my body that is the most fatigued are my shoulders. With that said, if you are using a light jump rope like a Valeo jump rope, that has the right length (your arms are comfortably bent at your sides with your wrists about waist level, or slightly above waist level, not too low) your shoulders should not hurt as much. Also, if you do jumping rope at the end of a tough weight training workout, that can effect your shoulders a lot. Finally, you should be holding on to the jump rope lightly. If you are holding the jump rope too firmly, that can tense up your upper arms and shoulders. Hope this helps!

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  • Thanks Marc, I was actually talking about the burn in my shoulders. I realized that my grip on the jump rope was too tight. I loosened up a bit, and it felt all better. It burned just a little, but it’s not enough to stop me from jumping rope! Thanks again.

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But before you start learning how to jump rope, check out this video below. I used to think I was pretty good at jumping rope, but Buddy Lee puts me to shame! Buddy Lee is the self proclaimed “Best Jump Roper in the World” and founder of the Buddy Lee Jumping Rope Institute. You have to see this video. INSANE!