Have You Ever Actually Tried to Workout by Jumping Rope?

My Favorite 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout

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  • For 38 years, millions of students nationwide have jumped rope and learned about heart health and how nutrition and physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

    If you haven't jumped rope since third grade, it can be humbling. It demands (and builds) coordination. Initially, you should practice foot and arm movements separately.

  • One staple in the game of basketball and conditioning has long been the jump rope. While every tool has its place, the jump rope is a tool that I use regularly for two reasons:

    Jansen has been the Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator at Spring Brook for over 20 years and has participated at other schools for close to 30 years. During her tenure at Spring Brook she has raised over $530,000 for The American Heart Association, which has helped fund research and education to fight against heart disease and stroke.

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    Like the jump rope, you don’t need a lot of room to perform Star Jumps, either, which makes them a great exercise for staying fit while you travel or while you have limited space to workout.

The Power Jump Rope is available in Red/Black (8 foot in length).

Jump Rope for Heart Campaign was completed at Curtis Elementary with a total $4,660 collected by only 99 of the 680 students enrolled taking part. Gym teacher, Tina Seal is so proud of the students that participated. The winner,fifth grader Mallory Bishop, is going out to dinner with Seal at the restaurant of her choice.