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ECVISION® Digital Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Cordless Diet Skipping Rope Jumping Rope for Cardio Fitness Training With Digital LCD Screen Showing Time,Bearing rope skipping,Calorie And Jump Counter-Free Juming Rope Included. (Black)

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  • TAG : On average, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute

  • Jumping rope burns calories, but when you add in movements that challenge your balance -- like single footed jumping -- you engage your core to stay upright.

    When it comes to working out, finding the right aerobic exercise for you depends on your personal fitness goals. Running and jump rope burn calories, improve endurance and have loads of comparable health benefits that come along with aerobic exercise. Jump rope may have more ancillary benefits than running, but it also has a steep learning curve, so you've got to know what you're doing to get the most out of a rope routine.

  • Digital Cordless Skipping Jump Rope Calorie Timer 3M LCD Jumping Rope Fitness Sport Equipment

    Material : ABS hands / PVC rope
    Features : Count, timer, count alarm, timer alarm, clock, calorie, fat, save mode
    Handle Size : 185 x 32 x 33 mm
    Unit Product Weight: 216g.
    Rope length: 3M
    Product Color: Blue,blak,gray
    Imprint Size : H. 8 x L.44 mm
    Battery Type : Button cell LR44x 1pc
    Battery Life : over 1 year

    Intelligent jump has five modes, each mode has an icon to show.
    Press [MODE] to change the mode.
    1. Clock mode: display the time.
    2. Timer mode: if you set exercise time, LCD display the time remained.
    3. Count mode: shows how many times you have jumped.
    4. Calorie mode: display the calorie burned (Kcal)
    5. Fat mode: display the fat reduced (g)

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