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Aluminum Fitness Jumprope with Ball Bearing Handles , Adjustable 11 Foot Cable , Carrying Bag , Bonus 4K Ebook and Replacement Parts - Red

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  • Another distinction between the two ropes covered so far in our best jump rope for CrossFit reviews is this Naturalico speed jump rope is 10 feet long in its original length. The one above is 9 feet. This may or may not make a difference depending on your height, but if you need to start with a longer cable to work with due to your height or long legs, this will be a better product to go with.

    Best Jump Rope for CrossFit: Whether you’re using it for your WOD (workout of the day) or just for warm ups and improving your overall footwork and coordination, this speed jump rope from WOD Nation lets you do more repetitions and complete the elusive double unders.

  • Often underrated, the best jump rope for CrossFit offers you the ability to improve your conditioning, agility and quickness. They aren’t like the big workout equipment that let you build strength or muscle but they’re very useful.

    You might think that a jump rope is pretty simple piece of equipment. There’s actually a lot to choosing the right rope, one that will be fast, comfortable, and safe for you. Almost all jump ropes for CrossFit are coated wire, so there isn’t much difference in the rope itself. Handles, bearings, and how the rope connects to the handles all have options and affect how well a rope will work for you.

  • The best Jump Ropes for CrossFit® workouts with double unders. Get your jump ropes for CrossFit® here and prepare to kill your double under WODs! We carry your favorite ropes like the RX Smart Gear jump ropes, RPM Speed ropes, Jump N Rope and more! CrossFit® athletes love our variety of speed ropes. Get the latest selection of functional fitness jump ropes available.

How to Size a Jump Rope for CrossFit

So how do you find the right rope for you? Well, we’ve searched the jump rope market to bring you the best jump ropes for CrossFit, and help you find the perfect rope for you!