20 Minute Jump Rope Workout that combines cardio and toning

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  • I promised to upload the Jump Rope Workout I used as soon as I figured out my scanner. Finally got it all working so here it is. I pulled this out of the magazine Real Simple February 2011. Hope you find it useful and fun!

    This abs-focused jump rope workout is courtesy of Molly Metz, a competitive jump rope athlete and coach at , a jump rope gym in Louisville, Colorado. She says she likes this workout because it challenges a wide range of muscle groups at once. For this workout you will need the following exercises:
    Mountain Climbers: Start in a high plank, on your hands, not your forearms. Jump your right foot to the outside of your right hand. As you bring your right foot back, simultaneously jump your left foot to your left hand. Count every time your right foot jumps forward.
    Jump Rope Speed Steps: This is almost a skipping motion over the rope -- you pass one leg at a time over the rope as it comes beneath you. Try to move as quickly as you can and count only every time your right leg hits the ground.
    Air Squats: Perform this body-weight squat like you're lowering into a chair. Your hips should drop just below your knees; keep your shoulder back and chest up.
    Bicycles: Lie on your back with your knees up and your shins parallel to the ground. Extend your right leg out as you crunch towards your left knee with your upper body. Repeat on the left side. Count every time you complete a rep on the right side.
    Walking Lunges: There should be 90-degree angles in both legs at the bottom of your movement. Your back knee should barely touch the ground.
    Jump Rope Backwards Jumps: This takes some practice. Instead of turning the rope forwards, turn it backwards, jumping right before it hits the back of your feet.
    Jump Rope Single Leg Jumps: Jump repeatedly on either the right or the left leg.
    Burpees: Plant your hands on floor, jump your feet back, and lower your chest all the way to floor. Then jump up and clap your hands overhead. Repeat.

  • This Jump Rope Circuit Workout includes a mix of both jumping rope and for a fast-paced, whole body workout. Jumping rope is an excellent cardio exercise, but it can be tough if you haven't done it in awhile. When getting started:

    Rob Sulaver, the certified nutritionist and coach behind , says that he loves giving members of his Bandana Army workouts that include jump rope work because, "no matter what, you always end up feeling like Rocky. What's not to love?"

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  • Adding this five-minute jump rope speed workout to your football off-season program twice per week is an effective and efficient way to get faster by improving your running mechanics and overall speed.

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Jumping rope is one of the best total-body workouts you can find, as it uses virtually all the major muscle groups in your body. Jumping rope for just a short duration helps build your muscles and burn fat. The best indicator that jumping rope works your abs is the burn you feel after skipping for a few minutes. If you don't feel a healthy burn immediately after your workout, you'll likely experience it the following day.