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Olympian Buddy Lee's instructional video for parents: ''How to teach your kids to jump rope''

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  • Obviously, if you can do that and you want to get into jump roping, you would go regular jump roping over the top. A lot of times, kids cant jump, we can start it if you want. A lot of times kids cant jump rope because they dont have the hand coordination. Its not necessarily the legs, but its the hand snap, going up and down, that they dont quite get. That whats going to make the rope go over the top. So, what you can do, before you get a jump rope, is you can just have them practice your arm action, because its the slapping downwards thats going to take that rope around the back side. You can also, rather than doing it on two feet, you can also jump on one foot and then the other foot. You want to give that one a try?

    Olympian Buddy Lee's instructional video for parents: ''How to teach your kids to jump rope''.
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  • If you're searching for a great piece of exercise equipment, just ask the nearest grade-schooler. Kids jumping rope on playgrounds and at parks are getting a great workout while having fun.

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  • Now, you won’t be confused if a jump rope is suitable for your kids. Get this Aoneky Adjustable Kids Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles $7.99 or 27% off on Amazon, as an Add-On Item. Adjust as they grow taller for years of jump rope fun.

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