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  • Kids jumping rope on the playground is a quintessential schoolyard image, but it is also a great way for kids to stay active. Heartbeats Jump Rope team based out of ­Pinnacle Sports in Medina provides an opportunity for kids to take that skill to the next level.

    Now, you won’t be confused if a jump rope is suitable for your kids. Get this Aoneky Adjustable Kids Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles $7.99 or 27% off on Amazon, as an Add-On Item. Adjust as they grow taller for years of jump rope fun.

  • These affordable skipping ropes for children are durable and made to take the wear and tear of the playground. We've designed these kids jump ropes for maximum fun and ease of use! We're invested in the success of future jumpers. Have a question? .

    Olympian Buddy Lee's instructional video for parents: ''How to teach your kids to jump rope''.
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  • The Kangaroo Kids are organized into classes and teams by age and skill level. For more information about the Fall 2016 Kangaroo Kids Jump Rope Classes – .

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