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  • Jumping rope is not as simple as you may think. Mastering the jump rope and reaping the full rewards of this aerobic conditioning method requires some skill and practice. Below are a few pointers to jump like a pro.

    The other day I spent nearly 30mins on trying to Master the Jump Rope (#wishfulthinking on day 3) and I was absolutely drenched. A lot more than my usual run. Not sure how many calories I burnt as I can't use Strava for jumping rope, but it felt awesome! I only realised I was drained because my hands/legs started shaking when I moved on to strength training. I have not experienced this sort of drain after a run - so the jump rope must really work. My calves speak for the 30min punishment as they are still sore!

  • De Buddy Lee Hyperformance Rope Master Jump Rope geeft u de nieuwste innovatie op het gebied van jump ropes, die u ongeacht uw niveau zal motiveren om te gaan springen!

    Het heeft een zeer gemakkelijk systeem om de lengte van het touw langer of korter te maken in luttele seconden. De speciale sleutel is specifiek gemaakt om de lagers goed te kunnen onderhouden en eventueel te vervangen, waardoor u jaren plezier heeft van hetzelfde jump rope. Het aerodynamische koord is gemaakt van PVC en kan gemakkelijk worden vervangen. De Buddy Lee Hyperformance Rope Master Jump Rope kan worden gebruikt door mensen van 2.05 m en kleiner.

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    Buddy Lee's Jump Rope comparison...

    Hi, I am currently considering to buy a Buddy Lee's Jump Rope. Two possible options are Aero Speed and Master Jump Rope. I am wondering if Aero is really that better choice (as advertised).

    43/5'9"/180 SP: 195, BS: 425, DL: 500, Clean: 285, Jerk: 265, Snatch: 200, Fran: 2:19

  • This is the most basic jump rope movement. To perform it, keep your feet together and hop after every swing. You have to learn this variation if you want to master other jump rope variations.

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