Torch some serious calories with this jump rope and pushup ladder

If you trip up, it's OK, just continue until you hit 30

Jump Rope - Premium Quality - Adjustable, Best for Crossfit, Double Unders, Speed, WOD, MMA, Boxing, Skipping Exercise, Jumping Workout & Fitness Training - Free Carry Case & Spare Screw Kit

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  • By mixing jump rope exercises with bodyweight movements you can get a full body workout without a gym. Christy Johnson, a Portland, Oregon-based certified personal trainer says she often recommends jump rope-based workouts for time-crunched clients. "You don't have to do it for very long to get a benefit," she says.

    After you find a good rope, you need to find a place to use it. I recommend jumping rope on a shock absorbent surface such as a wood floor, gym mat, outdoor track, or tennis court. If you train at a boxing gym, you may wish to jump rope inside the ring. The ring surface is very forgiving to the ankles and feet.

  • That next act involves three men swinging two women like jump ropes that barely clear the stage, and flinging them aloft, where they usually spin before landing, standing, on the shoulders of a catch man. Absolutely awesome.

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