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FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a musical jump rope according to the present invention;

Musical Hop Skipper

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  • Referring to FIG. 1, a musical jump rope 10 according to the present invention includes a flexible line 11 having a pair of handles attached to the ends thereof for being grasped by the hands of the user. As shown in FIG. 1, at least one of the handles 12 comprises a battery-operated musical and lighting unit. Here, opposing handles are held by the user and the flexible line is swung around the body of the user while the music sounds and the lights flash in at least one of the handles. This musical jump rope serves to amuse the user and observers.

    The present invention is a musical jump rope, comprising: (a) a flexible line having a length sufficient for rotating the line around a person's body as a half loop; and (b) a pair of handles attached to the ends of the flexible line for being grasped by the hands of a user. At least one of the handles comprises: (1) a battery power source, (2) a pre-programmed electronic music chip, (3) a speaker driven by the music chip, (4) a plurality of incandescent lights; (5) at least one activator button for activating the music chip and the incandescent lights; (6) a dual timing circuit for driving the music chip and the incandescent lights for a fixed, pre-set period, and (7) a translucent handle covering. When the user depresses the activator button, music sounds from the speaker and the incandescent lights flash for the fixed, pre-set period for the amusement of the user or observers.

  • Referring now to the drawings, FIG. 1 shows a musical jump rope, generally indicated by arrow 10, comprising an elongated hollow tube 11 having a plurality of apertures 13 formed on the tube substantially near the mid-length thereof. The apertures 13 extend entirely through the skin of the tube 11 to provide the interior of the tube 11 with communication to the atmosphere.

    The incandescent lights 19 may simply all flash on and off repeatedly, or they may be programmed (preferred) to flash in time to the music. Although they are visible in daylight, the incandescent lights are more attractive at dusk or at night. This musical jump rope can be used, for example, by children to play the game "snake," where a child holds one handle and vigorously wiggles the rope on the ground in imitation of a moving snake while the other children jump over the rope. The lit (musical) handle would be an effective "snake head." Alternatively, both handles can be musical and/or include light displays. One or more ropes according to the present invention could be used by two or more players, e.g., where two children each turn one end of the jump rope while a third child jumps.

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  • The jump rope has been a plaything for children and an exercise device for adults for many years. Various types of jump ropes have been invented over the years, including jump ropes which are rotated by means of electric motors, various types of musical jump ropes, and some jump ropes with lights. The present invention is a jump rope with a battery-operated musical/lighting unit in one or both handles. The handle containing the musical/lighting unit has a translucent covering so that the lighting display is visible. Once the jump rope of the present invention is activated by the user by means of an activator switch, the musical/lighting unit continuously plays a number of pre-programmed songs, and at the same time provides a display with multi-colored or white incandescent lights. In the present invention, one or both jump rope handles further comprise odorizing and/or colorizing means. For example, the handle comprising the musical/lighting unit might be tinted purple and smell like grape bubblegum. The music and lights entertain and engage children and adults as they use the jump rope, or as they observe it. The odorizing and colorizing means further attract and engage the senses of the child. The music, lights, and handle odor and color can be enjoyed whether the user is jumping rope or not.


7 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures MUSICAL JUMP ROPE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION l. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to jump ropes and more particularly to jump ropes capable of producing musical sounds.