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Old Grandmas jumping rope.

Green Toys Jump Rope, Pink

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  • Can your six year old jump rope? Have you asked your child if his/her friends do this at school? I remember learning in first grade, and most kids were jumping by second grade, so probably around age 8 is the norm. I think that's about how it was at my kids' school too.
    Just ask your child though, that's the best way to know!

    Like the sneakers, I thought any old jump rope would do for CrossFit workouts. I honestly thought they were all the same. Mal went out and bought a jump rope right away, but I waited a good year before I finally bought one. (Remember my ?) I’m actually sort of pissed at myself because I waited so long to buy a good jump rope””it made Double Unders so much easier for me! FYI: I have the and love it.

  • Today’s jump ropes are really fast and doing moves called double or tripple unders is common place.
    Many of the older jump ropes were made simply from rope, but some found that using wooden bobbins for handles worked really well.

    My girls are 5 & 7 years old. Both can jump rope when two adults hold the ends of a jump rope and swing it but I don't think that's the norm at this age. Only my 7 year old can jump rope all by herself but I know many of her same age friends are unable to. One alternative idea for you would be to have all the kids stand in a circle with an adult in the middle. The adult would swing the rope around in a circle on the ground and the kids would jump over the rope as it got to them. I've done this with my kids since they were very young and they always enjoyed it. Anytime they didn't make it we would just laugh together and they'd say, "Again! Again!!"

  • Once I started diversifying my cardio program I decided to pick up the old jump rope and give it a go, not nearly as easy at I remembered, but still lots of fun.

Amazing!! 70 year old Jump Rope Master Fly's Up Stairs

Even sports like football and soccer that require foot skills and quickness somehow don’t utilize the jump rope as part of their training. It makes me sad to see all those poor under-used jump ropes laying in the corner all alone just waiting for someone to swing them around, so today I am going to make a case for why you should probably dust off that old jump rope and put it to some good use.