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    The Kangaroo Kids Precision Jump Rope Team was formed in 1978 by Don Disney at Atholton Elementary School in Howard County, Maryland. From its beginning days as a small jump rope physical fitness club, the Kangaroo Kids today is an organization consisting of more than 200 athletes from all areas of Howard County. These athletes range in age from first grade through college and are assigned to specific teams according to age and skill level.

  • "Jump roping is modern. Jump roping is this year, not the '80s or '70s," said Ilana Carr, 9, of Glenmont near Columbia, after learning this week that she had become an official member of the Kangaroo Kids Precision Jump Rope Team.

    WHEN MOST of us think of jump rope, images of energetic children skipping rope on the sidewalk or the playground come to mind. But for members of the Kangaroo Kids, a Howard County precision jump rope team, it means hours of practice in preparation for national and international competitions.

  • Rick learns the art of making potato chips at the Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory in Hartland, New Brunswick and then is off to Penticton, BC for a precision jump rope competition.

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GREENSBORO — A flea circus, b-boying crew, shout band and precision jump rope team have joined the lineup of performers for the National Folk Festival.