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  • Amazing Princess Gymnastics Jump Rope Championship is the game the will make you flip features:
    - Simple One-touch gameplay, making it easier for you to jump around.
    - Endless gymnastics fun.
    - Little Girls and boys will love the floor designs that looks like and optical illusion
    - Cute sounds and beautiful graphics.
    - Free to download and play.

    There are certain toys that all girls eventually own, although we tend to give little thought to them. Jump Ropes are one such item. As part of a recent party gift bag, Six received a Disney Princess Ariel Jump Rope.

    When I was a kid, we didn't have any of these fancy manufactured jump ropes. We jumped with left over clothes line; and we liked it. Nowadays children expect something more in a jump rope. Our Ariel Jump Rope comes with two aqua colored plastic handles adorned with sparkly Ariel stickers. The pink and aqua braided rope is knotted with the use of a zip tie, which is encased inside the handles. The rope is 84" long, making it long enough for children to jump alone, but not long enough for two to turn or for an adult to use.

    The jump rope is cute, certainly prettier than any of the white pieces of clothes line I used, but our Ariel Jump Rope isn't without its problems. The rope comes neatly wrapped all the way from China and even once unwrapped, much of its curl remains. I blame that on the fact that the rope itself is very lightweight. The rope isn't heavy enough to stretch itself out into a nice smooth piece of rope; rather it hangs limply in the air. The lack of weight to stretch out the rope means it does not move smoothly through the air as my daughters try and jump. I find it hard to believe that it is even possible to make a kid's jump rope that you can't jump rope with, but they did! My girls got too frustrated trying to play with this Jump Rope and haven't touched it once I explained why they suddenly couldn't jump rope anymore.

    The Disney Princess Jump Ropes are available in the Ariel we have as well as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. I really recommend "skipping " this jump rope and opting for an old piece of clothes line instead. You can buy it buy the foot from most home improvement stores and your kids will actually be able to use it.

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  • One day Princess Jump Rope was looking so cute and she was going to the mall and she was in a rush and she had ran into a boy named Patrick and she said O I’m so sorry and Patrick said would you like to get some coffee and Princess said ya OK and so they went out and they came back home and Patrick said I like you and Jump Rope was excited that she couldn’t say anything that she passed out. To be continued.

    Makes a great gift! Age: 3 years Features: Disney Princess Belle Jump Rope 82" Jump rope For ages 3 and up.

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