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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope - Blazing Fast Rope for Endurance training for Sports like Cross Fitness, Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts or Just Staying Fit - Fully Adjustable to Fit Men, Women and Children - BLACK

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  • Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review
    SR-1 jump rope by Beth S.
    Super fast and light. I was psyched after I hit a new PR on double unders. This rope makes me feel like I and flying.

    Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review
    SR-1 jump rope by Jim T.
    The new speed rope from Rogue is precision built and is super fast. Felt like I was doing effortless double unders. The handles are lightweight and easy to rock out double unders all day long. I just recommended the Rogue SR-1am Ed rope to a friend.

  • Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review
    SR-1 jump rope by CIllinois Crossfit
    Quality 5 out of 5 stars – Great Rope! Great first impression! Mid WOD I normal can’t do more than 5 DU’s unbroken do to breakdown in my form. First go with the SR-1, I did a 5×250 row/25 DU’s and nailed all 25 DU’s on the 5th round.
    Great product in my book.

    Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review
    SR-1 jump rope by the_tiki
    Quality 5 out of 5
    Fastest rope I’ve owned…Super fast, great feel, & rockin handle… everyone at the gym is drooling and ordering asap….
    Posted on February 8, 2012 | Rogue Fitness SR-1 Speed Rope Reviews

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    Wes Laney
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    Re: Rogue Jump Rope

    I just ordered one today and am very excited to use it. Bearings! Long handles! Adjustable!

    My first rope was similar, but handles were short and no bearings. Was great for the first few jumps and then it tangled.

    Second rope was a Rogue RX rope. Tried all the cable diameters. Handles too short, and just never liked it. I think my cable length is too long.

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    John Lovins
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    Re: Rogue Jump Rope

    Sorry, I've never used the RX ropes so I can't comment. I'm 6'1 and had to adjust it about an inch down to have both handles come to my armpit, standing on the rope with 1 foot.

    Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review by Shuajain
    RX Jump Rope
    This is a fantastic rope, but there is only one issue. Be forewarned that this type of rope primarily is only for inside use. Unless you can find a surface outside that will not damage your well made rope. Other than that issue this rope is superb. Thank you Rogue Fitness!

Review of Rogue Fitness Jump Rope made by Rx Smart Gear

Rogue Fitness Jump Rope Review
SR-1 jump rope by Concept2 / Greg
Quality 5
These are the best ropes I have used. Instant PR with these ropes. The only problem is now everyone wants to borrow mine!
Posted on February 8, 2012 | Review for: SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope