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  • Beaded rope – made of inner nylon cord covered with plastic. They are excellent for rough surfaces; good for learning the rhythm since it makes a great sound when it hits the ground, and it doesn’t tangle (very important in rope jumping).

    Typical me, I spent a little time last night looking around the net for good videos that illustrate proper jump-rope form. The one below from was the one that helped me the most. If you need more, just google “proper jump rope (or skipping) form (or technique, or posture)”.

  • Single rope jumping or rope skipping is a popular form of cardiovascular exercise. This exercise originated with prizefighters to help develop their lungs and legs.

    Rope jumping is a workout that wants practice in order to be efficient. Take a simple rope, preferably thicker in thread; hold both ends on each side and spin it around your body. Jump when the rope wants to “hit” your feet and then continue spinning. The goal is to make rhythmic jumps every time the rope passes underneath your feet.

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    Superope Jump Rope
    Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes

    We pulled out the good ole’ jump ropes this morning in our boot camp class. What a great way to burn calories and work up a sweat! In search for more jump rope information, I found this website called . I’ve shared the benefits of rope jumping section below. I forgot how much I enjoy jumping rope and just how great a workout it can be! Nice jumping with you this morning:)

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A European rope jumping group known as has been pioneering the new sport -- their most recent jump launched from the limestone cliffs of on the Greek island of Zakynthos. It's their goal to complete rope jumps in 80 iconic spots around the globe, from the Grand Canyon to a cave network in Croatia to skyscrapers in Las Vegas. They invite anyone to , but we're going to take a pass.