Rope Jumping: The Latest Russian Suicide Sport

Single Rope Jump Skills

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  • The double under is tough without a doubt but it’s not the Mount Everest of rope jumping so to speak. Many CrossfFtters, boxers and other athletes can do triple and even quadruple unders. These are some next level skills for when you have mastered the double under and are looking for a challenge. There are even a select few out there that can do quintuple unders, hardly anyone can do these for reps though.

    rope jumping is one of their workout staples used to improve footwork, improve endurance and timing. They also use it to improve awareness while in motion, if you don’t have at least some level of focus while jumping rope you will be getting tripped up on the rope pretty regularly. In a boxing match if you lack focus you will get your head beat in. It also helps boxers be light on their feet so they can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

  • Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Institute recommends learning rope jumping through a system that teaches you step by step how to jump the correct way. A combination of quality equipment and programs can help motivate you every step of the way to keep you jumping your way into maximum fitness and the winning difference! Rope to success!

    Rope jumping as far as athletes are concerned seems to have become more of an old-school exercise. Many athletes, coaches and trainers alike seem to have moved on from the old jump rope.

  • I recommend Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training book and DVD at . They break rope jumping down into a system that teaches the biomechanics, basic techniques and programs for easy learning and to help you develop correct form while maximizing the benefits of rope jumping. This is sure to get you off to a jumping start. Also check out this site for more information regarding jump rope classes offered at select Gold’s Gyms.

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"The real key is to make sure you jump properly," says Roger Crozier. He teaches physical education at Fox Run Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, and coaches a competitive jump-rope team. "Stay high on the toes. When you walk or run, you impact your heel. With rope jumping you stay high on your toes and use your body's natural shock absorbers." Crozier says rope-jumping is lower impact than jogging or running if done properly. If not, it's considerably more impact.