Ropeless jump rope fitness set for $119 (rrp. $199)

Yes, that's actually my problem that's why I've tried the ropeless jump rope.

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  • JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Rope. Mastering the art of jump rope is no easy task. It requires great coordination, balance, and endurance. The JumpSnap simplifies the process by offering a tangle-free solution with its wireless jump rope set which is said to help you burn up to 600 calories within a 30-minute workout span. Pretty cool. Notice one of the handles dons a screen that computes your weight, calories burned, number of jumps, and workout time. The bundle also includes three insert

    This application claims the benefit of the filing date of U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 60/582,173 entitled “Jump snap—ropeless jump rope,” and filed on Jun. 24, 2004 by inventor Brad LaTour, which is hereby incorporated by reference herein in its entirety.

  • This is the . It’s a ropeless jumprope. Because having to jump over an actual rope is too hard. Sometimes a rope might hit stuff. Plus they require coordination. This requires no coordination, or even the ability to jump, as the infomercial tells us. You can just bend your knees. Plus it counts your calories and makes a realistic rope-whipping noise when you swing it! Wooee! Retails for $40 on Amazon, the most expensive jump rope you would ever buy, and it doesn’t even have rope.

    The present invention disclosed and claimed herein is a ropeless jump rope having primary and secondary handles each capable of receiving weights to adjust the intensity of the workout. Both the primary and secondary handles have weighted cords or rods attached at one end that can be swung in a rotational manner around an axis extending form the center of the handle. The primary handle has a variety of means for electronic collection of data, including a sensor or sensors for monitoring a user's heart rate and a turn counter. The primary handle also may have a receiver for receiving data, such heart rate data, from a separate device such as a chest strap from a conventional heart rate monitor. The various means for electronic collection of data output the data to a microprocessor, which stores the data and may perform various processing on the data. The primary handle further has a battery compartment for receiving batteries to power the device. A microprocessor in the primary handle receives various data regarding the workout and inputs from the user, makes various calculations, and displays requested data and results on one or more displays. The user may control the device or enter various input data through a control panel having various input means such as on/off or reset controls, scroll buttons or the like. The one or more displays can display a variety of data such as turn count, turn rate, current pulse, average pulse, average turn rate, estimated total calories burned, estimated caloric burn rate, selected pulse range, workout time, remaining workout time and the like.

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    Shannon Johnson, All Around Sports Fitness, owner and personal trainer, shows Ropeless Jump Rope. Laura Ramm, LAT and Meghan Scheeler, LAT, of Aurora Sports Medicine Institute, Milwaukee, explain the benefits and offers modifications.

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"Want a FAST and EFFECTIVE cardio workout? If so, this is the item for you!! The sturdy JumpSnap, Ropeless Jump Rope consists of two weighted handles, 2 informative DVD's and comes in a mesh bag. An LCD display is visible in one of the handles, giving you calories burned, number of "rope" rotations, and elapsed time - a beeper goes off when your workout is over. Its portable size makes it perfe..."