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Rx Jump Rope review by Shuajain –This is a fantastic rope, but there is only one issue.

Plastic Fitness Jumprope with Adjustable 11 Foot Cable , Carrying Bag , Bonus 4K eBook and Replacement Parts - Black

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  • Strengths: The RX Jump Rope has several strengths but the most prominent is the overall quality in its construction. We’ve tried out dozens of different ropes and if the handles are made from cheap plastic, the cable is flimsy, or the connection point is weak, your entire workout is thrown off. Cheap handles crack, flimsy cables get tangled and fray easily, and weak connection points can lead to miss-timed jumps. The RX Jump Rope’s handles are coated in rubber to enhance the grip for even the sweatiest of palms and also protect them when spiked at the ground after you whip yourself in calf for the 15th time. The 3.4 Buff cable on the RX Jump Rope that was reviewed is a hefty choice but we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The thicker cable allows novice jumpers to slow down their turnover speed to sure up timing and strengthens the forearms and shoulders of even the most experienced double under’ers out there. The connection on the RX Jump Rope is different from most traditional speed ropes as pictured to the left.

    Along with quality, their variety of cables and handles allow for a near unlimited combination of customization options. Matching your equipment to your has never been so easy! Lastly, their customer service is top notch. In a world of instant gratification and faceless online purchasing, the RX Jump Rope Team is quick to respond and knowledgeable about their product.

  • Weaknesses: Price. As with our , the biggest flaw for the RX Jump Rope is its price tag. At $40-50 a piece (depending on the handle type you chose) this makes it one of the most expensive ropes out there. You’re paying for what you get, as mentioned in the strengths, but it’s still hard to part with that much hard earned cash when you could jump onto Amazon and grab one for less than $10.

    Rx Jump Ropes use an industrial grade multidirectional swivel axis bearing system producing a near frictionless rotation. Our patent pending swivel attachment allows for the cable to reach top speeds or slow it down to suit the athlete’s needs. The Rx philosophy is that it’s not about PURE speed but rather the RIGHT speed to suit each individual athlete’s tempo and timing.

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    Hero Rating: Should be no surprise after reading this that the RX Jump Rope scored a 92.1. This is a product I would recommend for anyone interested in improving their jump rope abilities, regardless of skill. The price tag will scare away some but for those that make the investment, you don’t be disappointed.

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Rx Jump Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete's height, for this reason please refer to the instructional link or video below on How-To Size Your Rx Jump Rope.