Rx Smart Gear Jump Rope- Black Mamba, 8'2", BUFF 3.4 Clear or Black

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RX Jump Rope - Black Ops Handles with Trans Black Cable in Buff 3.4 or Ultra 1.8 (8'10", Buff 3.4 )

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  • The best Jump Ropes for CrossFit® workouts with double unders. Get your jump ropes for CrossFit® here and prepare to kill your double under WODs! We carry your favorite ropes like the RX Smart Gear jump ropes, RPM Speed ropes, Jump N Rope and more! CrossFit® athletes love our variety of speed ropes. Get the latest selection of functional fitness jump ropes available.

    Most jump ropes are standardized. But each RX Smart Gear Jump Rope can be custom ordered to fit your height and ability—for better performance and a more effective workout. What’s more, the rope’s ergonomic handles tax your grip less, so you can fire off double unders then immediately bang out grip-heavy exercises like pullups and farmer’s walks. Bonus: You can customize the color and pattern of the rope and its handles.

  • I must say that IMO this is the Jump Rope standard. I have always had a hard time with doubleunders. Well my coaches got my mechanics fixed and I was able to to sets of 3/4 before tripping up. We were using ropes from Rogue fitness but these ropes soon started breaking and developing kinks making it hard to learn. The coaches then invested in RX Smart Gear jump ropes in different sizes/thicknesses. Using their ropes I found the right thickness and the proper length for my height. I'm now doing 20 or more unbroken. I just invested in my own rope and today we did a WOD with 5 rounds of 25 double unders and man it went smooth. This rope is measured and set up for me really made a difference. IMO if you are going to stick with Crossfit its a must to get a rope set up for your height and abilities. I recommend it!

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    Todd Bryant
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    Re: RX Smart Gear Jump Ropes

    I agree, the RX smart gear ropes are fantastic. During some down time with an injury, I wsa able to work on my double unders. I ordered on the thicker/heavier ropes to begin with and it killed me (they say to start heavier when beginning learning your DU). I quickly worked my way down to the lightest rope. I am 5'-11" 190# and i use the 8'-10" Hyper 1.3

    I have abused the heck out of it and it is still holding up after 3 months. Highly recommended.

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    Matt Messier
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    Re: RX Smart Gear Jump Ropes

    +1 Mine should arrive today. Our studio got them in and they are amazing. I don't have DU's mastered yet but it should come in no time.

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