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  • Once you have a good rope in place, look for a jumping ground, such as a wooden floor, tennis court or outdoor track. Alternatively, look for a shock-absorbent surface of your choice. By all means, you should avoid concrete surfaces as they can do more harm to your ankles and feet because it can cause and also in feet. Other than the jumping ground, you must choose a quality pair of training shoes. Avoid wearing wrestling or boxing shoes when jumping rope.

    Wear your FiveFinger shoes while jumping rope on a bosu ball for world class balance practice. Be sure to take off your shirt to impress all the ladies at the office watching through the windows.

  • In addition to a shock absorbing surface, you should wear a quality pair or cross-training shoes when skipping rope. I do not recommend wearing your boxing or wrestling shoes when jumping rope. Such shoes do not provide very much cushion for the feet. Stick with quality cross-trainers when using the rope.

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    Enrique Tinto
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    Re: Training shoes for Jump Rope

    Well, barefoot is out of the question because the trail is full of rocks and pebbles. I forgot to mention that I do these exercises in the middle of the woods. I sometimes do barefoot jump rope training if I'm inside but not on a trail. I also wouldn't do hill sprints there without any shoes.
    I'm surprised most people seem to recommend Nike Free. Maybe I should give it a shot.

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    Bonny Guang
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    Re: Training shoes for Jump Rope

    Barefoot or any old shoe. Personally I wear Asics GT-2120s, but I have a pair of Nike Frees too. (only reason I don't wear them is because I'm playing around with parkour stuff and don't want to kill my Frees, since I hear they're pretty flimsy)
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