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  • From , a short jump rope cardio exercise routine with our own Coach Nicole!

    You can do this routine at home, at the office or when traveling. Try it with or without a jump rope!

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    Start with frequent, yet short jump rope sessions. For example, start with 20-second intervals on the rope. Just try to skip for 20 seconds without tripping on the rope. Keep the intervals brief, and stop before fatigue mounts. View these sessions as skill based workouts. You are learning a new skill (rope skipping). The body is much more capable of learning when it is fresh, not fatigued.

  • Here’s a short jumping rope workout you can do anywhere. Start with 10 minutes of jumping rope workouts at a time if you are a beginner. Then slowly build yourself up as you get good at it.

    Key concepts

    Have you ever wondered how you could do jump rope faster? The U.S. jump-rope record for the greatest number of jumps in one minute is 367! That's more than six jumps a second! How close do you think you can get to that number? What are some of the factors that will help you jump faster? One is the length of the jump rope!

    Jumping rope is great exercise. Professional boxers do it to improve their coordination and endurance. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! That's easy to see when watching students doing jump rope together, often competing for speed or tricks. And, there are official competitions for speed jumping. What would you do to improve your speed? The length of the jump rope can change how many jumps a person can make in a minute, but what length jump rope is ideal? The longer the jump rope the more time it takes to turn it in a full circle. The shorter the jump rope the faster it turns, but because the circle is smaller the jumper might have to jump higher to get over the jump rope, and that might slow the person down or cause him or her to make a mistake.

    • A three-meter (10-foot) jump rope
    • Two volunteers who know how to jump rope (including yourself)
    • Stopwatch or watch with a second hand
    • An open, flat space large enough for doing jump rope

      Short Jump Rope Length Medium Jump Rope Length Long Jump Rope Length
    Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3 Average Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3 Average Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3 Average
    Jumper #1             
    Jumper #2             
    Jumper #3             

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