Sage and Brian spinning Fire Jump Rope

Fire spinning jump rope

American Educational Products Lemon Twist Jump Ropes, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

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  • The Revolver™ Rope comes in both aluminum and plastic and are adjustable. The ball-bearings and unique hinge system make this the fastest spinning jump rope on the market. The tapered handles allow for easy grip.

    Instructions: Each child is given a plastic cup full of water. One at a time the children jump into the spinning jump rope, trying not to spill any of their water.

  • Jumping lunges, a tried-and-true plyometric exercise that works your butt and quads, goes to a whole new level when you do it while spinning a jump rope. The fear of hitting the rope keeps your jumps high and prevents resting on the landing. Tip: Jump slowly at first. Once you have a good rhythm down, try adding the rope to the mix.

Everyone else tries to jump over the rope