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Martin Sports Plastic Jump Ropes feature plastic unbreakable sections, and a heavy nylon material. Comes in multiple lengths.

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  • Mission Statement: The Hot Dog USA Jump Rope Team is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of jump rope as a life-long physical fitness activity. Our purpose is to…

    Our mission is to, provide global leadership for the sport of jump rope through our core principles of diversity, inclusion, innovation, promotion, and sustainability and through the “best practice” of sport.

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    Perhaps because of its association with childhood (or Richard Simmons), the jump rope has never managed to truly take hold in the world of fitness. Though it's seen as less of a heavy-duty calorie burner and more a schoolyard plaything, the jump rope is actually a potent means of exercise that engages your cardiovascular system and core muscles. By some accounts, skipping rope can achieve a burn rate of up to 700 calories per hour, and just 10 minutes of skipping is equivalent to running an 8-minute mile.

    Recently, Neue Galerie—the Upper East Side museum of German and Austrian art—released the Neue Sport Jump Rope in their design shop. Produced by Hock, the German luxury exercise equipment company, the jump rope features oiled walnut handles, a high-speed four ball bearing system, lightweight anodized aluminum connections, and a nine-foot natural leather rope (which is adjustable to one's individual body height).

    "This handsome jump rope is a perfect match of form and function," Renée Price, Neue Galerie's director, tells us. "It's a stylish addition to anyone's personal training regimen."

    With its German pedigree and museum-approved design, the Neue Sport Jump Rope is not only an exercise product that demands to be taken seriously—it's a collector's item.


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    “Not only becoming smarter but also developing leadership and group management. Many sports use jump rope as a way of improving their own fitness and sport.”

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    While boxers come to mind as macho guys who jump rope, the U.S. Amateur Jump Rope Federation's national competition is televised. Yet there's still something of a gender issue. "The idea of it as a little girls' recess game is fading as the sport of jump rope grows," Crozier says. "Our competitive team is more heavily weighted with girls, but part of that is because boys have more options. In P.E. classes, it appeals to boys and girls equally."

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Not only is jumping rope a healthy lifestyle to lead, but also it is fun. According to the Kangaroo Kids Precession Jump Rope Team in Howard County, Md., the sport of jump rope quickly improves fitness levels, builds self-esteem, and –most importantly- demonstrates that exercise can be fun and enjoyable. Not to mention that being involved in this sport offers a lot of amazing opportunities, such as traveling and being featured on various televisions shows to promote physical fitness. Some jump rope members have had opportunities to jump for Cirque De Soleil, NFL and NBA half time shows, music videos, and commercials. Members of both USA Jump Rope and World Jump Rope have been featured on the Ellen Show, the Martha Stewart show, the Bonnie Hunt Show, Late Night with David Letterman, “Glee,” the Tony Danza Show, and more.