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  • When you are doing tabata jump rope sprints, you jump as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Studies have shown that doing tabata method cardio activities for just 4 minutes can burn as much fat as doing 45 minutes of a traditional cardio activity like running. Remember that these results don’t come easy, if you feel sick at any time during a tabata style exercise, you should take a break or call it a day. is far worse than not finishing a workout for the day, and if you don’t feel up to finishing, there is likely good reason. It could be that tabata style is too difficult for you at the time, or that you’ve been working yourself too hard as of late.

    Tabata Jump Rope is pure tabata-style cardio hell. The is a great way to make an exercise a cardio, strength training hybrid, but it’s also a great way to turn a cardio workout into a super-cardio workout. You can apply the tabata method to just about any exercise, some may be better suited than others, but they are all good.

  • If you are like me and not in to running ( or any form of cardio) you should try tabata training. One of my favorite warm ups is tabata jump rope, I also like to end my workout with tabata double unders. Tabata training is high intensity interval training. Its 20 seconds of all out intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated eight times for a total of four minutes. Sounds easy? wait till you try it! Tabata workouts offer more benefits in less time. Tabata training will help you lose fat faster than regular jogging. Tabata training raises your metabolism and heart rate up in no time at all. Your metabolism will stay raised for a longer period of time which will help you burn more fat. If you are looking to improve your performance for sports , tabata training is a great way to do that. If you are new to tabata training start with less rounds and build up to eight. You can put almost any exercise into a tabata training workout, so there’s no getting bored! Here are some great tabata workouts you can do instead of traditional running.

    I agree with Chris. Tabata would be the best format for the best fat loss in the shortest time. I typically like to do tabata format jump rope workout 3 to 5 times for a 12 to 20 min workout depends on my schedule.

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